Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Whitburn Obs & Sandhaven Beach

Only birds of interest where a large flock of Manx Shearwaters heading South.

South Sheilds: Sandhaven Beach
Went to Sandhaven Beach for the Roseate Terns that are there. Had 2 adults and here is a picture of one of them (below). Also present where Great-black backed Gull(s), Lesser-black bakced Gull(s), Herring Gull(s), Common Gull(s), and probably Black-headed Gull(s). There was a nice year tick for me with 7 Sanderling taking the year list up to 178 species of bird.

(Image: Roaseate Tern: The bird that is smallest is a Roseate Tern standing in front of a Common Tern)

(Image: 5 of the 7 Sanderlings present)

You have been watching..............

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