Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Owls, Falcons, and ICT Coursework

A good few days I have been having. I will keep it short and sweet (if that’s possible for me). I have been a bit busy lately so it is nice to get out and about again.

Sunday 21st
The only birding I did was the Sunday evening when I left the house at about 5:45 will fellow bird club member David Kay and we set of to the undisclosed owl location to check up on our pairs of LEO’s.

On the way there I spotted a few Eurasian Curlews flying about and then got my eye on a bird of prey. I thought Sparrowhawk or Kestrel at first but then is turned slightly and it was far too big. PEREGRINE! It banked onto its side and confirmed by identification and then flew low over the fields showing its fantastic grey plumage and away. That was a nice surprise and not annual for me in the local area. Then as dusk approached we had reasonable view of Long-eared Owls flying about.

Monday 23rd
Out on a joy ride with my college mates and I took them to Rainton Meadows and I met up with Making a Short Story Long who very kindly let me look through his scope to see the Tawny Owl in her box and I got fantastic views of her.

Then Steve took us to the undisclosed site and I had cracking views of the Long-eared Owl roosting. Here is Steve Evans photo below taken of the bird I saw today:

(Can you see me? - Photo by Steve Evans, thanks Steve)

So all in all a great few days and that should keep me going until Saturday,


  1. L.E.Owls are so beautiful, and have very effective crypsis.

  2. Hi Andrew well done on the peregrine , also LEO is always good to see , i have nt seen one for quite a while now although they do roost down this way , i will have to make more of an effort
    atb Rob