Thursday, 3 March 2011

Complex and detailed post on the ID of male Green-winged Teal

In this post I am going to do a complex and detailed description of the best way to identify vagrant male Green-winged Teal's that turn in the United Kingdom.

(Green-winged Teal with Eurasian Teal)

They have a horizontal stripe that goes down each side of the body.

This post is of course just a little jokey one, it isn't mean to offend anyone just to poke fun at myself and how I like to comment on some birds: Gulls, Redpolls, etc on a fairly regular basis. On a serious note I do hope you enjoy my serious little bird ID posts. :)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. I'm just going to cook my tea now..... but before I do that I think I'll look out of the window and pick my nose... LOL !

    Just watched Harry Hill on telly LMAO... now going to watch corrie...