Friday, 20 July 2012

Pembrokeshire & Worcestershire

Last Saturday I came back from holiday (as you know if you read my previous blog post), it was a family holiday and so birding and butterfly opportunities had to be curbed a bit. Which is more than understandable, I had already sort of decided my targets and these were Chough and Wood White butterfly. Pembrokeshire provided me with my first target in the form of at least 4 Chough, after having all but given up all of a sudden quite a few turned up and one bird gave mega views in flight and acceptable views on deck. I think these are great birds, lovely glossy back and distinctive appearance makes them easy to pick out. Very graceful compared to the other local corvids which can usually do no more than fly along the cliff face unlike the master of the cliffs the Chough. It was interesting to note they really don't like to associate with any other corvid species, I can't say I really paid much attention to this when I first saw them last year. I dipped a Rose-coloured Starling (frustratingly) but did have great views of Raven from where we were staying and Red Kites put in appearances on a few occasions.

(Chough - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

(Chough - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

Next was Herefordshire, I will not slag the county off as its a beautiful place but the birding is pretty terrible. The Cream-coloured Courser really was an exception and a one off. With this in mind I switched my sites to butterflies, I had some good ones as usual; White Admiral being one highlight and of course my long awaited first sighting of a Wood White after having dipped them last year twice, only to find out the reason I had is they have been extinct on the reserve for some years! DOH!

(Wood White - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

So a successful and overall enjoyable holiday. 

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. Hello Andrew,

    Hope your well. Some great accounts recently, with some really nice pics and vids to boot. I particularly like your butterfly shots; the composition of that Wood White shot is fantastic.

    Interesting to know you were in Herefordshire this summer. I was as well and I found the birding surprisingly rewarding, but that was due to where I was based more than anything else, but at least it shows that it isn't all that terrible over there ;). That's all on my blog if you're interested.

    Keep up the good work mate. I might be down your way briefly this October with Sim before I go down to Norfolk, so would be up for day's birding if plans fall into place. Would be good to get out birding with you again :).



    PS: I dipped that Caspo at Buckenham. Reappeared 15 mins after I left (the pain!). Well done on connecting; super birds.

    1. When your back up this way give me a shout.