Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Previous posts

All my faithful readers and new followers; you will have noticed that for some bizarre reason my blog and/or Youtube seem to have been having fun with me. For example if you go back over previous blog posts videos are uploaded and the species show in the videos are not what they are supposed to be. So sorry about that, I could go and fix the problem but:
A) I can't be bothered
B) I could spend the time more effectively birding
C) I am lazy
D) I have blog posts to catch up on.

So sorry if you plan to look back at any blog posts and watch the videos as they are not now the correct ones. If you want to watch my Speilberg like footage then it can be accessed via my Youtube channel, there's a link to the right of this post.

Blog post regarding past week events coming soon.

Anyway, until next time, Foghorn out!

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