Sunday, 10 February 2013

Shetland and Back

Wow, what a twitch. Left the house at 09.30AM on Friday morning and back home for around 13.30 on Sunday afternoon. An absolutely fantastic twitch to Shetland. The total trip list was around 66 birds in the finish, with the highlight being the Pine Grosbeak, then easily followed by the Ring-billed Gull. I haven’t seen a Ring-billed Gull since 2008 and so it was more than welcome to see another and this time a 1st winter!

The ferry onto Shetland on the cold but exciting Saturday morning: 

Some 'twitching' types: 

AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGA!!!!!

(Pine Grosbeak - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

(Pine Grosbeak - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

(Pine Grosbeak - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

Just so I wasn't too deprived of gulls this beaut decided to stay so we could take it in:

(Ring-billed Gull - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

(Ring-billed Gull - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

After the Ring-billed Gull we went looking for gulls in the harbour, then we spotted a recycle plant with gulls present, so here's the tip:

And finally Mr Screenwash (new nickname) kips peacefully, note the bright jacket for flushing gulls off Seaton Common landfill: 

We ate a lot, bird'ed a lot, saw a lot, slept a lot, and had an amazing time. 

Until next time, Foghorn out!