Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Decided I probably better start using my blog again, its been a bit neglected the past 12 months or so, so I thought I would resurrect it, somewhat, I hope!

I finished off a truly fantastic and exciting year with the Ivory Gull in Uig harbour on the Isle of Skye on the 31st of December. I also managed to see an immature White-tailed Eagle, always superb to see. However the fairly grim weather did not allow for any additional birds to be seen, no Golden Eagles were going to be flying in the weather on the day. So say it was 'quite bad rain' does not quite cut it!

Ivory Gull.....

What I call a 'proper bird', phwoar!


Dawn today saw me heading down to East Yorkshire with Beadnell Birder and Michael Murphy to hopefully clap eyes on the Little Bustard that had turned up, the first properly twitchable bird since the mid 90's apparently

Little Bustard keeping down...

Breakfast and then we took in the local Med Gulls in Scarborough, which, of course, but on a nice show! A total of 9 birds noted, with one 1st winter and the rest adults. 


An awesome 1st of January, but nothing at Lambton Pond on my visit, turns out though that the Tundra Bean Goose turned up after we had been. 

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  1. Good to see you blogging again Andrew.