Sunday, 13 December 2009

Seaton Pond Swans

So are they Whooper’s or Bewick’s? Well…….I am not sure if a final decision has been made yet. (Maybe it has and they are Whoppers)

Over the past two days I have looked at images and seen the birds myself. I started Saturday going to see the “Seaton Pond Swans” as they where reported as Bewick’s on Friday night. I went and saw them and saw as soon as they appeared they where quite small and they also went next to the Mutes allowing for some comparison of size to be had. I was happy they where Bewick’s and I had just secured a life tick and my 224th British Tick. Then I got home and got a text from two friends from the Bird Club saying they think they are Whooper Swans. Then throughout today I thought they where Whooper’s like I did last night. Now as I am writing this I am leaning towards Bewick’s in size and images I have seen. Also the fact that these birds are quite small. I know Whooper Swans will be smaller than the adults but these birds did looks really small.

I hope that the final ID is found out and I cat get back to you all and let you know what they are. There are much better birders than me looking at the topic and I admire there knowledge and will tak’ heed’ to what they say they are in the end.

Tomorrow: read about the rest on Saturday in which had 1 life tick! (No, not these Swans)

CYA for now!


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  1. An interesting debate Andrew. I will follow closely, cheers for that.