Saturday, 5 December 2009

Stew’s crew’s Smew’s news

Well! A very nice day today with 2 life ticks. Ticked of my first Smew and Ring-necked Parakeet. That’s right……..I ticked it!

The day started off with Stew’s Crew heading down to Ward Jacksons Park for the Ring-necked Parakeets, these where a life tick (Ooo controversial). The birds showed well and I saw them in flight and certainly heard them plenty! A pleasure to watch. We departed after about 15 minutes and we went to Jackson’s Landing to see the Great-northern Diver. It was showing really well!

Then we headed up to Crookfoot Reservoir where we enjoyed 1 Smew and a Wata’ Rail in the same scope view all be it distant. Then a Peregrine caused some excitement as it appeared over the tree tops and then flying away giving some fantastic views! Not long after Derek Charlton picked up the second Smew and this was a bit bonnier.

Then we headed off past Pudding Poke farm to have a loo at the Little Owl and get some pictures from the car. Fantastic little bird this one! Nearly always there. We where joined by someone to say the Little Owl was there or asking if it was there, can’t remember which one. Anyways that’s not what’s important what’s important was that he informed us that that where some Snaw Bunting at the beach at Seaton Carew between there and North Gare. So we headed the wrong way and eneded up at Parton Rocks and sat and ate our lunch. Then we had a quick look out to see and where rewarded with 3 Velvet Scoters and plenty of Knot all together flying about.

After lunch and Velvets we headed up to Newburn Bridge to see the Mediterranean Gull. He/she didn’t disappoint as it put on a show. Fantastic bird! Then we finally made out way to Seaton Carew beach for the Snaw Buntings. They showed well and there where about 20+ on the beach, sadly every time I crept up on them to get better views they would take off and fly away. :( They eventually landed near 2 members of Stew’s Crew and me and my friend joined them and we had good views off them before they flew over and around us and we left them in peace. Even though they took flight a lot they never went very far. Fantastic little birds.

Life List updates:
222 – Smew
223 – Ring-necked Parakeet

Year List updates:
211 – Smew
212 – Ring-necked Parakeet

Pitmatic Dictionary
Wata’ Rail = Water Rail
Snaw Bunting = Snow Bunting

(Ring-necked Parakeet - Derek Charlton)

(Great-northern Diver - Derek Charlton)

(Smew - Derek Chalrton)

Thanks to Derek for letting me use his images.

Andrew Kinghorn
Stew's Crew - Membership Secretary


  1.'s a Wata RRRRRRRRail up in Ashington.

  2. Aye, I did like the Snaw Buntin's a had today, an'all.

    A divn't kna about yae' but that Snaw Goose at Budle Bay was a nice burd' as well. :) haha