Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bean and Gone

Warning: The following contains very dry humour

It had Bean and looked like it had gone!
It actually was Beaning very sneaky and must have been hiding!

Sadly now it has Bean and has now gone, just when I thought all hope was not lost and I could return at a later date. I was going to say “Can I go and see it? Can a da’ ”

Yes, on Monday the 8th I went to Castle Lake DBC to look for the Bean Goose, I was at the location and couldn’t see any geese at all! It was hanging about with 12 Pink-footed Geese but I couldn’t see them or the Bean Goose! I left the area and heading into the hide and saw 2 nice Ruff, year tick 100! YEY!

I got home disappointed, turning the computer on did not help as it was reported where I was looking at 3:00! I was standing in the area at 3:00-3:05 and stayed quite a while and didn;t see anything! Maybe I was looking in the wrong place?

That’s right, I am not a happy man. I suppose if it had Bean some rarer I would have been more gutted than what I was. Well a life tick for some other time (which can probably not be said for the UK’s 1st Eastern Crowned Warbler, phew! Glad I saw that).

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