Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Torn' for the bist' (Turn for the best)

Had quite a good day Saturday just gone down at Teesside:

1-Whimbrel - We went to Greatham Creek to have a look about and I was secrectly hoping for a Whimbrel, we had a monster of a spider in the seal sands hide that gave me the shivers. I tried to ignore it and managed to scope a cracking partly summer plumage Bar-tailed Godwit on Seal Sands itself as well as all the other common birds you would expect to see.

2-Reed Warbler - Went onto Dorman's Pool, the path to the hide was alive with bird song and I saw Sedge Warbler, Dunnock, and Whitethroat. Sadly didn't hear anything particularly different though. We then walked along the road to the top car park at Dorman's we heard loads of Reed Warbler but the attempts to see one failed until we got near to the car park and I looked into a section of the reed bed and the Reed Warbler poped up briefly and then back down into the reedbed. I alerted my friends and informed them to stand where I was and wait and sure enough the Reed Warbler came up and we got fantastic views. Quite possibly the best views of a Reed Warbler I have ever had.

3-Little Tern - We also went onto Crimdon Dene and saw the Little Terns.

Here's a picture of some Little Terns at Crimdon that was taken weeks ago but it adds visual aid to the post:

(Little Terns - Derek Charlton)

Special thanks to Derek who continues to allow me to use his images on my website. Cheers mate.

Year List Updates:
181 - Whimbrel
182 - Reed Warbler
183 - Little Tern

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