Thursday, 6 May 2010

Update form past few outings

Hi all my followers.

Sorry that I haven’t updated for a while. In this post I will give you and update of how I am getting on with my birding.

Sunday 25th of April
I spent this day at Leighton Moss RSPB in Lancashire. It was a Durham Bird Club trip to this reserve and we had quite a good day. We missed out on the Spotted Redshank and Curlew Sandpiper, however I had some fantastic views of 2 Little Gull. Other birds of note during the trip were the Marsh Harrier we saw as well as Nuthatch, first Swifts of the year, Green Woodpecker (heard only), cracking views of Marsh Tit, and Sedge Warbler. Me and 2 other lads gave up on looking for the Reed Warbler we could hear. Sadly no Bearded Tits seen by me but one I believe was seen by someone else on the trip. All in all, quite a good day.

Tuesday 27th of April
My Dad had very kindly agreed to take me to see the Black-winged Stilt on this day; however the lack of the bird not being there at all we instead went to Saltholme RSPB to try and see a Wood Sandpiper that had been reported there. On arrival I went into the centre and asked the kind man on the desk about the Wood Sandpiper, he then direction me to ask another man who he pointed out who was near the windows in the centre. I went over to this man and he directed me to go to the Saltholme Pools hide and ask the man in there who had the radio and he should be able to tell me about the Wood Sandpiper. I therefore set off on the walk to Salthome Pools hide and was treated to cracking views of a Yellow Wagtail sitting on one of the wooden poles alongside the pathway. When I got into the hide and asked the chap if the Wood Sandpiper has been seen he explained it could not be seen from the hides. He said that I could go to Paddy’s Pool hide and talk to the finder. He kindly showed me where to stand to view where the Wood Sandpiper was. I also asked if anything else had seen and was informed that a Little Gull had been seen. I had a look and saw the Little Gull straight away; it was a little bit distant but a cracking bird to see none the less. I also saw 2 Common Terns which we a first for the year as well. I then left and went back to the visitor centre to where my Mum and Dad were waiting patiently for my return.

I informed them where we needed to go and then happily agreed. Minutes later I was standing by the side of the road and watching my first ever Wood Sandpiper, I first spotted it in flight as it flew past just before I was about to check the waders looking for it. A few people from Teesmouth Bird Club came over and I had some chat with them as well. When watching the bird I was quite taken back at home different it was from the nearby Redshanks and Green Sandpipers I had seen in the past. Apparently there was a Greenshank present as well but I didn’t see it, I wasn’t looking as I was to bust watching the Wood Sandpiper. All in all a cracking day!

Sunday 2nd of May
I had a day up the Durham dales with my usual friends as well as a quick look in Gateshead. We went to Gateshead and we had good views of the Wood Sandpiper that had been there for a few days. We also had good views of my first House Martin as well as good views of Swallows, Sand Martins, and Swifts. We heard a Reed Warbler but didn’t see it; also we didn’t see the Lesser Whitethroat or hear it. We had to move on due to the fact we didn’t have that much time that day. We had quite a good day up the dales with Red Kite and Buzzards being seen. We heard a Wood Warbler but never actually saw it; it would have been a lifer for me! Also we didn’t hear or see ant Pied Flycatchers unfortunately. I also returned to the same area on Monday the 3rd of May, again didn’t see any Pied Flycatchers or Wood Warblers. I will be back for round three that’s for sure!

Was quite a good few days of birding with 2 Wood Sandpiper, I am sure I will see Wood Warbler and Pied Flycatcher sometime soon.

British List updates
238 – Wood Sandpiper

Year List updates
165 - Sedge Warbler
166 - Swift
167 - Marsh Tit
168 - Nuthatch
169 - Little Gull
170 - Common Tern
171 - Wood Sandpiper
172 - House Martin


  1. A lot of directions for the Wood Sand, but eventually it paid off. Well done on some good birding mate.


  2. Andrew,
    May i suggest a trip to Allen Banks for your Pied Flycatcher. Howdon Blogger and i had nice views of 2 females on Bank Holiday Monday and i believe Moorside Meanderings had numerous sightings of males and females a day or two previously. Apparently also the Langley Castle area is supposed to be good for Wood Warblers although we didn't manage any but there are some striking Peacocks in the grounds if you are into that sort of thing. I know some people will put owt on there lists!!!!

  3. Hi Joseph, thanks for your comments mate.

    Hi Johnny, thanks very much for the useful information. I will come back to it in the future if I need it. Sadly Wood Warblers are thin on the ground down here in Durham. There is a fantastic place in Durham if you are interested called Muggleswick, that is where I am going to be going tommorow for round 3 looking for the Pied Flycatcher, Wood Warblers, Redstarts, etc.

    Ofcourse I would put Peacock on my list! Who wouldn't? I mean.......even Fox is on my life list ;)

    Andrew Kinghorn :)