Monday, 29 November 2010

Around the…..Patch? I think that’s what it’s called anyway

Contrary to what some of my followers might think I was once a very keen local patcher, in fact I rarely did any other birding than that of birding on my local patch. So on Saturday I decided I would have a walk around my local area to count the number of birds again like I did last week. Here are the results:

- 3 Goldfinch
- 20 Starling
-Great-black Backed Gull
-Herring Gull
- 20c Common Gull
- 1 Mediterranean Gull (Pub in Lumley)
- 20c Woodpigeon
- 40+ Redwing
- 2 Cormorant
- 40 Greylag Geese
- 15c Bullfinch
- 6 Long-tailed Tit
- 5+ Great Tit
- 3c Song Thrush
- 1 Mistle Thrush
- 1 Coal Tit
- 1 Wren
- 10c Magpie
- 5+ Blue Tit
- 3 Goldeneye
- 30c Siskin
- 15 Pheasant
- 5+ Robin
- Jay 1
- 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker
- 3+ Collared Dove
- 2+ Greenfinch
- 2+ Tree Sparrow

However the pick of the bunch were 13 Waxwings which I found in my own village toward the end of the walk. The birds showed well and in the snow, a dream fulfilled! I had always wanted to see Waxwings in the snow. They relocated to a location closer to home about 10 minutes later where they remained for an hour or so, allowing for David Kay a friend and DBC member from the village to connect with the birds and get some images. The birds showed extremely well and they are defiantly one of my favourite birds in the world.

On Sunday Davy rang me up to say that the birds were still there but they had grown from just 13 to about 140! I went to see them and it was superb to see such as large flock. What fantastic birds.

(Click on any of the images to enlarge them)

(Some of the Saturday flock - © David Kay)

(Some of the Saturday flock - © David Kay)

(Waxwing - © David Kay)

(Some of the Sunday flock - © David Kay )
Until next time, Foghorn out!

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