Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bird Sounds of Winter

Thought I would do something a little different for this post. But first I will update you on what’s been going on with my birding the past week or so. Yesterday I decided I would pop down for the Bittern at Rainton Meadows DWT and after about 4 and a bit hours in the coldest hide in the North East I saw it, it showed extremely well and was well worth the wait. What a bird! Superb bird to get locally, on my patch. Believe it or not I was once a very keen local birder, never really going further than a 5 mile radius of where I live. Always good to get the bread and butter stuff and get to grip with the commoner stuff first, rather than diving in the deep end. Though I have missed some superb birds because of that attitude! lol

Anyway, here is a small quiz to see how hot you are on your ID skill of some of out winter visitors. They are all birds; however some of the calls might not necessarily be made by the birds at THIS time of year. I decided to do it this way so I could include more species.

Please comment with your answers. Don’t be afraid incase you get some wrong, just have some fun trying to work out what call is what bird. Anyone’s comments that seem to be ridiculing others will be deleted form the post. I am sure that won’t be a problem though. So here goes!!!!!!!!

(The name of the species is placed on the sound file, so just press play, listen and then see if you can guess what the species is, don’t look because that is just cheating)

Mystery Bird 1

Mystery Bird 2

Mystery Bird 3

Mystery Bird 4

Mystery Bird 5

Mystery Bird 6

Mystery Bird 7

Mystery Bird 8

Mystery Bird 9

Mystery Bird 10


Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. no sign of the Bittern all day untill just after 16:00

    adjusted the light on your Bittern image & clagged it on my blog.

  2. You've done a good job with the image Steve. It was the best I could manage with light conditions. I will wack my original image up here shortly.

  3. you've got the only decent image so far :-)

    doctored ur pic with a couple of clicks on Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.