Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Not so brief stint

On Monday morning Gary Crowder and John Bridges found 3 Temminck's Stint that flew into the pool in front of the hide at Rainton Meadows DWT. Thankfully I managed to get down on the evening and see all 3 of these superb little waders. As always views from the hide were excellent and I enjoyed probably my best ever views of Temminck's Stint. I went down again myself yesterday evening and found the birds again but my intention was to get some video as the other video I have of Temminck's Stint is very distant and its hard to make the bird out! I was successful and managed a video, I will let you be the judge of my efforts.

(Temminck's Stint - © John Bridges)

 (Temminck's Stint - © John Bridges)

(Temminck's Stint - © John Bridges)

Temminck's Stints, make sure you view in HD:

Here's a Ringed Plover that was also present, this is a semi-rare bird itself on the reserve:

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. your second 2 shot are superb, great work, I've never seen one of these, but there's plenty of time

  2. Proper good shots of the Stints Andrew, what were they taken with?

  3. Hi all,

    The images are not mine but taken by a friend of mine called John Bridges. I am not sure what equipment he uses. However John has a website without hundreds of other excellent images: http://www.northeastwildlife.co.uk/


  4. Nice post Andrew.

    Yet another addition to the site list, Temmincks makes it 20 wader species there this year.

    We hear the collective noun for a group of stints is a 'spell'.

    ( Ringed Plover - a scarce but annual passage visitor....but who knows... the status of some of these waders could well change given the recent positive management )