Thursday, 19 May 2011

Some Owling

I had a nice evening out Owling. Headed to a site that traditionally holds a few pairs of Long-eared Owls (as many as 7 this year I believe). We had excellent views as always of 2 birds; 1 bird from a pair that nests near and abandoned tip and 1 bird near an abandoned railway track.

The first bird I picked up was out hunting at 08.10 and it was still daylight; excellent to watch. Also strange to see a Swallow having a go at it. We had a few other excellent views of them before we retired for the evening at about 9.30.

I love Long-eared Owls me, definitely my favourite of them all. Barn Owl is nice yeah, but still I prefer Long-eared Owl.

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. Hi Andrew,

    Great to hear that the Long-eareds are still going strong at your site - brings back memories of seeing them there last August!


  2. Definitely my favourite too ;-)
    Hunting males only at this stage & for a few weeks yet, while the females continue with incubation or as several now are, brooding small chicks.
    Not sure how the dry weather will have affected the vole population, but one nest holds a clutch of 5.
    Regionally Leos have been active anything from 17:30 onwards, my earliest has been 18:30 & almost clipped one in the car at 19:30.
    The reason for this current surge in hunting activity is the male goes full tilt bringing in food items as the young are about to hatch - often to such an extent that many surplus items go to waste.
    Looking forward to a good season & hope we dont have to endure any of the scenes we witnessed at H'Burn a few years ago, where, at times there were so many "birders" & photographers standing so close to the branched young, that the adults were unhappy enough not to attend them for lengthy periods...