Saturday, 19 November 2011

That doesn't look right....

Thankfully the Eastern Black Redstart stuck around until today. Brilliant! Shame my car tyre decided not too, additionally my alloy wheel is knackered up. Brilliant egh? Holy Island is a long way from home and decided not to go all that way incase something happened as it would be expensive to get back if anything happened! Went up with a few mates who kindly picked me up (thanks Martin) and we headed to Holy Island. On arrival the bird was immediately on view and showed really well. What a striking bird!

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(Eastern Black Redstart - © Andrew Kinghorn)

(Eastern Black Redstart - © Adam Williams)

With that nicely in the 'bag', we headed south to catch up with one of winters spectacls and we were succesfull. A nice flock of about 600 Pink-footed Geese, with 2 Ross's Geese, couple of White-fronted Geese, Branacle Geese, and about 20 or so Tundra Bean Geese thrown in for good measure. Good fun sifting through looking for different species among the flock and I focussed on my favourite; Tundra Bean Geese. A fair few were in with the flock and although distant brilliant views were had. Certainly the largest amount of Bean's I had ever seen in one place. They all took off thanks to a plane and we were treated to a fantastic spectacle over about 5 minutes as they flew around looking for pastures new to land and feed. Brilliant.

(Tundra Bean Geese - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Rounded off the day with my best views ever of Bewick's Swans which evidently were not at all bothered by our presence. Considering a man was walking his dog though the field and must have walked right past them, quite humorous I can assure you. Had such good views of the Greater Yellowlegs on Tuesday we didn't bother going to look at this beauty again, very naughty and a bit 'dude-ish' but there we have it.

(Bewick's Swans - © Andrew Kinghorn)

 (1st Bewick's Swan - © Andrew Kinghorn)

(2nd Bewick's Swan - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Brilliant day with some ace birds.

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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