Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ear of Wheat

I had planned for a fairly nice and relaxing Saturday, chilling out a bit......then an Isabelline Wheatear turned up at Spurn in Yorkshire. Managed to gather together a team of 3 and we headed down. We arrived around about 12.30ish after a drive on roads that can only be described as some of the worlds most frustrating! It took around about 3 hours each way, which to be honest wasn't really to bad. It was well worth it for such a brilliant bird. Funny moment when some other Durham lads had headed down for the bird and a stretch of sand dune became like a scene from Durham with 6 of us all standing.

Very interesting bird, nice pearly underwing seen well in flight. Black lores very thick and obvious, upper breast slightly brighter than rest of body with lower breast being more uniform with rest of plumage. Cracking bird.

Please view the below video in HD, if unsure how to do this CLICK HERE.

(Isabelline Wheatear - © Andrew Kinghorn)

 (Isabelline Wheatear - © Derek Charlton)

 (Isabelline Wheatear - © Derek Charlton)

 (Dart Ear - © Derek Charlton)

(Durham birders (from left): Douge, Tony, Mike, Fog, and Finney)

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. You are just a filthy twitcher !!

  2. There is no denying it...I hope they find a cure for such things soon.