Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hurple Peron!

Wednesday should have been spent revising for an exam I had on Friday but I adopted the "I can revise when its dark" approach! Went to Castle Lake to catch up with the Rough-legged Buzzard that had been hanging around that area, an awesome bird and I really do like this species. Only the second I have ever seen in Durham.

Then headed down to Teesside to look for migrants but was rudely interrupted when news broke of a Purple Heron at Saltholme RSPB. Went along to Saltholme and had cracking flight views of it, second one I have seen in the UK this year and a county tick for me. Awesome! I think these are stunning birds. The pictures testify it:

 (Purple Heron - © Adam Williams)

 (Purple Heron - © Adam Williams)

 (Purple Heron - © Adam Williams)

(Purple Heron - © Adam Williams)

(Purple Heron twitch from left: Finney, Fog, Williams, Pablo Hugelist - pic © Derek Charlton)

Today I had planned to go for the Olive-backed Pipit but it had other ideas and appeared to have departed the night before....the little tinker! So instead spent a few hours in the hide at Scaling Dam, the Bread-rested Goose....I mean Red-breasted Goose is still there.....hasn't disgraced itself yet. Still feeding with intent and doesn't like mingling with locals that much. After here went to Sleddale area where I saw one of the Rough-legged Buzzards and also had a bonus of the Hen Harrier. At one point had both birds in the same scope view, awesome!

On way home news came through of a Hen Harrier at Castle Lake, I had never seen the species before in Durham so was keen. It was pretty much en-route so it would have been rather rude not to call in to see if the bird was still in the area. Only took my bin's with me to go and look from a suitable point. Saw the Pectoral Sandpiper but it was distant, was scanning some distant suitable land for Hen Harrier and after about 15 mins bingo! I picked the bird up hunting over the motor-cross fields. It went and flew over the trees and disappeared, thankfully it returned shortly afterwards. It soared over the field I first picked it up in before gaining height a bit and heading off to my left and out of view. Brilliant! My first Durham Hen Harrier.

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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