Monday, 3 October 2011

Cabot's Tern

With the news a short while ago that American Sandwitch Tern (Cabot's) has now been separated from 'our' Sandwitch Tern I thought I best brush up on my ID of how to separate the two. This article is brilliant and a must read if your interested in learning how to separate them:

EDIT: Thanks to David and Tristan for informing me that I have made a mistake. There has already been an accepted record of Cabot's Tern. A bird found dead. 

So here's hoping the first twitchable alive bird with a pulse will turn up since the split. Its the sort of species I really like; hard to ID. 

 (Cabot's Tern - © Mark Newsome)

(Cabot's Tern - © Mark Newsome)

Looking at the photos above perhaps the pattern on the head might be the initial give away of the next possible Cabot's Tern in the UK. Having read that article I am ready for any Sandwich Terns....that I can get a good view of!

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. Hi Andrew

    Cabot's Tern has already been recorded in Britain, as being picked up dead!

    Another (live) one will be a challenge to find and then to twitch, but will probably happen at some point now that its on the radar.

    all the best


  2. Also the putative Cayenne Tern at Cemlyn a few years a go would be considered under Cabot's Tern.