Sunday, 2 October 2011

Living up to its name....

News broke this morning of a Solitary Sandpiper in Lancashire, knowing how hard these birds are to get away from the South coast I decided I was going today. I knew it was on a pool in a field and I wasn't sure if it would be there tomorrow so I decided to go. Picked up The Finch, and Kieran and we were Lancashire bound. We arrived at about 2.30 and paid a handsome £4 each to get in. A short walk to the field and we were soon watching the Solitary Sandpiper, it was distant but views were satisfactory and I was able to note the long primary projection and the dark rump with white barred outertail sides. I was surprised at how distinctive the bird actually was with the long primaries and the overall colouration being more like Common Sandpiper then Solitary Sandpiper. The bird went about is business feeding and walking about, having a bit of a stretch briefly as well. A brilliant bird and the first ever in Northern England (?) apparently! It was living up to its name well as it was literally the only bird on the pool!

(It was raining - pic © Derek Charlton)

(Solitary Sandpiper - © Craig Shaw)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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