Saturday, 1 October 2011

Good views.....

I started the day off in Marsden Quarry looking for Yellow-browed Warbler that had been found, I stood and searched for about an hour but no sign at all. However I heard a Nuthatch, which is incredibly rare for the South Tyneside area. Also a Brambling was a nice bird to see and my first of the Autumn, in addition to this a mixed flock of birds held Chiffchaff, Long-tailed Tit, Great Tit, Wren, Dunnock, Robin, and Goldcrest. While standing 4 Redwing flew over, a sure sign that Autumn migration was now in full swing. A search inside the quarry was pretty fruitless but was good listing to the twitching story's of Ian Mills, he's been on some amazing twitches and seen some amazing birds over the years. After leaving Marsden I sat in the car and had my lunch.

After lunch I headed to Whitburn Costal Park to see how the ringers were getting on, they had quite a haul and I knew they had caught and rung a Yellow-browed Warbler fairly early doors. On arrival they were ringing a Song Thrush and I was told how to tell the difference between a British and continental Song Thrush. A Goldcrest was also processed before being released. I hung around a while in the hope that the ringers would re-trap the Yellow-browed Warbler. About 30 minutes or so passed and one of the ringers looked at one of the nets visible from the ringing hut. It had a bird in it, I lifted my bins to look at it. It was a warbler....he made his way over fairly quickly and took the bird out and came back. He lifted his hand with the bird in it and said something along the lines of "You thought I was joking, I told you I was going to go and get the Yellow brow from the net":

(Yellow-browed Warbler - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Another short time passed and just before the nets were being put down another 2 birds were caught; Willow Tit and Redwing. Willow Tit (like Nuthatch) is another mega rare bird in the South Tyneside area, only about the 3rd ever seen in South Tyneside. The Redwing was stunning and when you get up close you can really appreciate how fortunate we are to have this thrush wintering in the UK.

 (Willow Tit - © Andrew Kinghorn)

(Willow Tit - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. """"I hung around a while in the hope that the ringers would re-trap the Yellow-browed Warbler""""

    Just how much stress are you happy to see a bird put through so you get to see it???????