Monday, 10 October 2011

Not such a Great Scaup

This morning and early afternoon was spent going part of my University assignment, a call from The Finch interrupted me from work and informed me that the Lesser Scaup had been seen again and had relocated. I checked BirdGuides and sure enough there was the news, so I picked The Finch up about 30 mins later and we were north bound. We arrived around about 04.15 and paid for a parking ticket, oh how I loathe to pay for parking! However 5 minutes later we were watching the Lesser Scaup, it was one of those species I thought would eventually come to me and sure enough it did......score! Hard to believe the first for the UK was just back in 1987 when a mate (Beadnell Stringer) had it on his then patch; Chasewater in Staffordshire. Since that record there have been many more and the bird has gone from being an absolute MEGA to a rare but fairly annual vagrant.

The bird didn't really put on much of a show and spent most of its time asleep, but it did wake up on about 6 occasions briefly showing that nice white blaze on the face. Lately birds seem to just fall asleep when I arrive and don't do much! lol

Oh and some music to go with the pictures and videos... well it's no Blackburnian Warbler!

Please view video in HD, if unsure how to do this; CLICK HERE.

It was showing well even though it was asleep!

 (Lesser Scaup & The Fog - © Derek Charlton)

(Lesser Scaup - © Derek Charlton)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. Arrived at 04.15 !! Blimey, you're keen...