Monday, 23 January 2012

Hard as Nails SEO....

I decided I needed to get out for an hours fresh air today to escape the boredom of this evenings pending assignment work for University. I popped out to a local Owl roost, no surprises to find the same Short-eared Owl sitting in the same place as last Monday! Its a sucker for punishment or is it? It seems really content, naturally it is alert to peoples presence and it would be impossible not to be as its a very well walked area. But it really is tolerant, I peeked over my shoulder when I walked past it and it would follow my every move though seemingly not too concerned. Just making sure its got its eye on me, the ear tufts are raised showing its listening to my every move.

(Short-eared Owl - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Elsewhere in the area a regularly used tree held 2 Long-eared Owls, many people seem to be visiting the base of the tree (frustratingly) with a large track leading up to it. A quick look and a few pics were taken then I left the birds in peace, its fairly important these birds get as much rest as they can during the day. Unlike Short-eared Owls they don't hunt during the day unless they are pretty much starving or have a family to feed, so its critical they get as much 'kip' as they can during the day. Masses of people standing around for hours watching them does them no favours at all, and its likely if this occurs the birds will just abandon the roost and move elsewhere.

Can you see us?
(Long-eared Owls - © Andrew Kinghorn)
What is that dog walker doing?
(Long-eared Owl - © Andrew Kinghorn)
Oh hello....
(Long-eared Owl - © Andrew Kinghorn)
If I make myself as thin as possible, they might not see me.
(Long-eared Owl - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. Important message about the LEO there - people need to head your words.