Sunday, 19 February 2012

Herring Gull ringing recovery

I have just received some info on one of the four ringed Herring Gulls I had a few weeks ago, this is the 3rd bird I have heard back and I am just waiting for details on the last bird I have not yet received details on. Here are the details for this bird:

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for reporting your sighting of a colour ringed Herring Gull. Herring Gull with orange ring 1346 was ringed on the 10th March 2005 on Ellington road Landfill, near Ashington, Northumberland, (grid-ref NZ2689) as an adult with metal ring Number GN77839. I have received one other sighting of this bird since it was ringed- on the 17th July 2005 in Lossiemouth Estuary, Moray, Scotland  (grids ref NJ2470).
If you have any questions, or any more sightings, please get in touch.
Kind regards,

It hasn't really gone very far but I felt it was still worth sharing, the Pitsea bird remains the most well travelled of the 3 I have recieved detauils back on.

OH! I saw the COMMON YELLOWTHROAT and drake Lesser Scaup in Wales yesterday, more on that to come soon.

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. lesser scaup ?!!! DROSS BIRDS !!

    Tell us about the yellowthroat, wet was it ! 8)