Sunday, 19 February 2012

Stunning Mega makes for Superb day

So there I were at University; studying. And upon a sudden I get a text from a certain 'Stringer' (nickname). "Wales tomorrow then" were his words. My heart sank a little, what could it be? I was just about to sign into BirdGuides when Stringer replied informing me it was a Yellowthroat. I signed in and sure enough there it was posted on the page "Common Yellowthroat", how dare they! Nothing common about them over ere'.

Friday was long but news was still coming through the bird was present and in the afternoon was showing well. Forecast was terrible but that didn't matter. Saturday at 2.15 I departed the house and was on my way to Stevie Dunn's house, arrived around 4.45ish and departed with Stevie, Mike, and Richard picking up Adam on the way. We arrived on site early hours in the hissing rain and no sign of the bird, good time for some catch up with old faces (quite literally; sorry Chris ;) ) and meet some folks I knew for the first time. No sign of the bird by late morning and so back to the car for some shelder and a game of 'Plop Trumps' don't ask! It was a funny as the title of the game suggests. Then off to McDonald's for a spot of lunch, all was going calmly until news was seen again. Straight back on site and after a short wait it pooped out in the bottom of some brambles. Gasps and whispering from the crowds said it all. What a stunner!

(Common Yellowthroat - © Chris Baines)

 (Common Yellowthroat - © Michael Colquhoun)

(Common Yellowthroat - © Michael Colquhoun)

The best view I obtained was when I first saw it, then had a few more glimpse views including seeing the bird in flight. I hadn't cottoned on it was showing nearly constantly from a ditch some 20 yards away; doh! So missed my chance for more prolonged views, but I am not going to moan. I had pretty superb views now and then as it went about its business, a very skulking bird but not seeming all that bothered by the crowds.

We also called in at Cosmeston Lakes County Park just on the outskirts of Cardiff where I had truly excellent views of my first drake Lesser Scaup. It showed superbly well and just rounded off the day nicely. Great company, great birds, great twitch! Thoroughly enjoyable.

(Lesser Scaup - © Michael Colquhoun)

(Common Yellowthroat crowd - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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