Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Terns and Waders

I really like this time of year, gatherings of post breeding Terns allows for the change to find/see Roseate Tern in Durham and the movement of waders gives hope of finding something a bit species. Both happened, just neither to me! I kind of half found a Roseate Tern on Friday after seeing one a few days previous here but 'Stringer' turned up platinum with a Stilt Sandpiper in the neighbouring county to the north.

Friday was a day spent out looking for anything, I love this time of year as movements of waders always brings hope of finding something a bit out of the ordinary and I also couldn't resist the Terns. Nothing much happening amongst the Terns whilst I was at Seaton Snook but the obvious highlight was a single adult Roseate Tern, unsurprisingly baring 2 metal leg rings; one on each leg. Good change to study these truly stunning Terns, I am always taken a back when I realise how pale they can be when good views are had. Sunday saw me down Teesside yet again but this time I have the Terns a miss and switched my sights to the Waders, a full check of Greatham Creek/Long Drag/Seal Sands yielded little in the way of exciting but some quality stuff was about. 4 summer plumage Grey Plovers undoubtedly the highlight, with a few summer plumage Knot and a Whimbrel thrown in for good measure. An attempt briefly to string a mega distant juvenile Redshank into something good I soon have up on. Castle Lake DBC didn't turn up much either, on the Friday a call in saw the Pectoral Sandpiper back in front of the hide after going for a wander for a few days and a Greenshank, on the Sunday much less but the Greenshank remained and evidence of some movement with a Green Sandpiper in then out, as always here Common Sandpipers were just that. Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White, and Small White butterflies noted here on the two visits. Castle Lake DBC is due a mega, just when remains to be seen!

(Roseate Tern - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

Yesterday I was up at dawn, I say up at dawn but I didn't sleep on Sunday night so I was just up out of bed before dawn. I was standing overlooking Stringer's Scrape at Low Newton in Northumberland hoping to jam in on Stringers top find here; Stilt Sandpiper. I've already placed my next order of Black-winged Pratincole, though a one at Castle Lake DBC would be good! A scan produced little more than 2 Greenshank and I started to fear the worst so I started scanning amongst the Greylags and to my relief I picked it out in the gloom feeding beside a Lapwing. Relax! I was there for a good few hours, I love waders and so this was a good change to study the species and take notes, I of course got some as usual terrible photos and a pretty poor video but overall I was happy. Great bird, great company, and good to catch up with a few folk I hadn't seen for a while. Cheers Stringer!

(Stilt Sandpiper - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

Please view the video full screen and in 720pHD as it isn't too bad:

(Stilt Sandpiper - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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