Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hey all,

For the foreseeable future I am closing the blog, it will remain open for viewing but I won't be updating it until further notice. Its served its purpose; I've met and made some great friends in birding, I am now keener on my birding than ever before. But for a few reasons in my life right now I will not be updating the blog until further notice (if ever). I am sure I'll return.

You may get a Christmas message though!

Until whenever, Foghorn out!


  1. sorry to hear that im formly from Hartlepool but now live in surrey for the last 25 years and ive enjoyed reading your adventures in my old stomping ground good luck cheers Don

  2. Eh ?? What's happening here then ?

    A quote from your previous post "it would appear the blog is still popular so I will be keeping it on for the foreseeable future" ?

    Would be a shame to see you go Andrew, I hope the weirdos aren't driving you away ?!

    Anyway, stay in touch, probably see you at the next crippler...... pine grosbeak would do nicely !!

    PS - I was just winding you up about that Islay goose you know....8)

  3. This is a disgrace. I will be writing to my MP.

  4. This has the tell tale signs of a girlfriend putting her foot down.