Tuesday, 13 November 2012

More Waxwing action

Day out yesterday saw me successfully missing the Great Grey Shrike at Greenabella Marsh, though this was the first time I had ever seen 3 Barn Owls together. Views best had by throwing stones into the box I have found, OK; a bit naughty but this sort of activity wouldn't surprise me from the stories I've been hearing.   Photographers getting some flak lately, but just like in birding, some people know exactly where they are doing and others haven't got a clue! Mind you would think that if they knew a Barn Owl can hear a vole rustling in the grass they can hear someone approaching no matter how quiet they think they are being. I have witnessed this with Long-eared Owl, these birds use their hearing mostly when hunting so even if we are 20ft away and being as quiet as a mouse they know we are there. Bit of a ramble on there....

Some Waxwings at both Saltholme and the Calor Gas Pool were most welcome! Again I had a go at sexing and ageing, the latter one is easy but the former I am finding not so in some birds.

 (1st winter female, this one isn't so bad)

 (Another easy 1st winter female)

(A nice and easy adult male, plenty of red appendages, white primary tips from outer to inner web, and thick broad tail band; smart bird!)

First time I have knowingly seen an adult male Waxwing, rather stunning wing pattern. Now I have an excuse to check for Cedar Waxwing, so sexing and ageing Waxwings does have its benefits. 

A check today around Church and Vets in Washington proved that the berry trees are still chocka' (heavy laden), no doubt as always the one day I don't check somewhere the Waxwings will be found. 

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