Saturday, 3 October 2009

HOODED MERGANSER - Could be same as WILD Fife bird last year!!!!

I thought people may well be interested to know that the Hooded Merganser in Teesside may well be the exact same bird that was at Tayport in Fife last year!

The bird at Teesside has an abnormality on its right leg. The Tayport bird in Fife last year also had an abnormality also on its right leg, coincidence??? I personally certainly don't this so. The bird in Fife was accepted by the BBRC.

For more information and also photographic proof see the "Durham Birding" thread on BirdForum post number #11029


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Andrew K

(Hoooded Merganser on bank - AKinghorn)

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  1. Interesting Andrew. I'm glad I have it on my UK list then. Cheers Brian.