Monday, 19 April 2010

Garganey - Rainton Meadows - 19th of April

I got a text from Steve Evans and Derek Charlton today (19thApril) who informed me that down at Rainton Meadows nature reserve that Garganey was present! A bird I have dipped twice already this year. Thankfully I finished college early and my mate took me in his car to see them. At first they were distant but then went to feed in the reeds and disappeared briefly before reappearing and then they flew closer to the hide. Then when I tried to find the birds again for one of my non birdie friends to see they just simply vanished! They must have just flown away! Perhaps to another pool or just flew away all together.

I managed to grab a record shot of both the male and female.
(Female and Male Garganey - Andrew Kinghorn)



  1. They have a knack of lurking in short vegetation at the water's edge and can remain hidden for some time.

  2. It's one I have never had much luck with, but I agree thay can disappear very quickly. Cheers Brian.