Monday, 5 April 2010

Who's the egret here?

The reason for my title is simple: we spent most of the day nearly ankle high in mud! I felt like a Bittern! lol

Was out with my Dad today for a good days birding. We started the day of visiting Druridge Pools in Northumberland. As soon as we arrived we headed straight for the Budge Screen and we were told that the Great White Egret hadn’t been seen since about 8:30ish and was last seen coming to Druridge Pools. I really didn’t think I was going to see it but my Dad suggested we walked to the other hides so we did. I didn’t think we were going to see the bird but as I was walking along the board walk I looked over the mound and there next to the hide right in close was the Great White Egret! A birder had just been in the hide and was coming towards us as were making our way to the hide. He asked if we had seen the egret and I informed him that I had just seen it outside the hide. He came in and saw it with me and Dad. I had a quick look in my bins and it was really close! I let my Dad have the bins whilst I set my scope up. He got some cracking views and as I was setting my scope up it took of and flew off toward the back of the pools and landed. I managed to relocate it in my telescope and got some cracking views for 10-15 minutes as it wandered around. A nice year tick for me.

We then headed up to look for the Common Crane at Eshott but sadly we didn’t see it. It must have been hiding away were I couldn’t see it. Oh well, you win some and you lose some (I may be back for round two).

We then headed over the Hold Island and we had a long walk around the Island and I managed 2-3 Wheatear. Toward the end of the walk near the town I had a single Black Redstart as well as 4 Brent Geese.

All in all a cracking day with some cracking birds.
(Distant record shot of the Great White Egret at Druridge Pools)

Till the next time......BYE! :)


  1. glad you got to see the great white egret Andrew,it gave me the run around for two weeks,got it in the end,

  2. Hi Andrew , well done with the Egret and good luck in round two with the Crane