Thursday, 26 August 2010

Digiscoping with new kit!

The Goose not from Egypt tempted me down to the freezer hide at Rainton Meadows to try out my new setup with consists off:

Swarovski ATS80HD telescope + 20=60x zoom eyepeice
Nikon D70s SLR + 50mm lens
Swarovskis DCA digiscoping adapter
Quite decent shots.

I am just getting used to using it and I need a hands free wireless remote shutter control thingy. I have sent away for one and it is due next week sometime. This will reduce shake hopefuly, though it is looking likely i am going to have to fork out another £100 smackers to get a Telescope rail for my tripod to sturdy the kit more.

Here are some of my shots: 

The Egyptian Goose and Black-headed Gull are the ones taken with my new setup.

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. more bloody rubbish
    what a waste of money

    Good going young man
    The more folk take up digiscoping the better.

  2. Careful, Andrew. This photography lark has a way of taking over and slowly drawing you in. Sounds like it's already happening with you.

    Very enjoyable and entertaining blog, by the way.