Sunday, 22 August 2010

Out of the Black and into the list

nothing in this game for no tick on my list.

Another very enjoyable Sunday afternoon was spent in the north of the county today. After the late news of a Black Tern arriving at Whitburn I couldn’t be bothered to rush around and look for it as it would have been too much of a rush around to enjoy the bird. Therefore I instead waited and hoped it would stick around so I could go and see it. Thankfully it did and I got a chance to go this afternoon with my Mum and Dad for company. On arrival I saw a single Roseate Tern amongst the many terns but no sign of any Black Tern. We then moved onto the next set of 2 large rocks in the water, I checked it once and nothing. However I did check it again literally a minute or so later when it looked as if terns where coming in and out and I picked it out no bother! It was certainly very different as the only other Black Tern I had seen had been an adult. So it was nice to see a juvenile bird, I seem to be having a run of rare juvenile terns at the moment! Here are some of my dig scoping with phone attempts below:


I then went onto Shibdon Pond (for the 4th time within a week!) to meet a friend from BirdForum who is a young birder called Jonny Scragg, we had cracking pretty close quarter views of the Spotted Crake. Certainly the closest I have known it to come toward the hide, it was a pleasant afternoon all in all. However I didn’t see the female Garganey that was seen just before we arrived but there will be others I am sure. I managed a better shot of the crake than what I had previously managed. You can decide how bad it is:

(Spotted Crake - Andrew Kinghorn - CLICK TO ENLARGE)
My phone scoping is shortly about to become obsolete! I am getting a proper Swarovski digiscoping adaptor. Watch this space!

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. Fingers crossed for the crake hanging around until tomorrow. Great shots of the black tern. I got a new digiscope kit at Birdfair by the way. Good luck with yours!