Sunday, 1 August 2010

July Highlights

Well it has been a cracking July for me for birds! It’s this time of year that I love when all the rare waders start passing though, the only regret I have had was not going for that White-tailed Lapwing when it was at Slimbridge. I so wish I had made the effort to find some way to go! However, I cannot grumble as I have had one of the best July’s birding since I began 4-5 years ago. Count my many blessings (good hymn!)

I had a fabulous time on Orkney; the only downside is that now on a sea watch Arctic and Great Skuas seem somewhat boring having already had them really close several times on Orkney. I returned with news that there was a Dotterel at Crimdon Dene, an old pal I had never been able to catch up with having dipped the birds at Danby Beacon by a few hours. So I was only pack from Orkney about 11 hours and I was up and out the door heading toward Crimdon Dene beach. On arrival myself, a friend, and some other birders started searching the beach looking for the Dotterel. We drew a blank; however we were contacted by Derek to say it had been relocated so I headed over from Castle Lake DBC with another mate from the DBC. When we arrived we where informed it had been spooked and headed off up the beach! Me and my mate started scanning and I saw some movement really close amongst the shingle, I got it in the bins and I remarked something like “Here’s the Dotterel.” It was quite funny with it being so close and here’s us looking way into the distance LOL

Then the other highlight was on Wednesday just gone, after watching a Goshawk attacking a Buzzard at Wykeham Forest I received a text from local county recorder and mate Mark N to tell me of a juv Whiskered Tern, after having a nice day birding on Yorkshire we went to go and see the Whiskered Tern. On the way to Salthome got a text to say it was still there and a White-rumped Sandpiper had just dropped in! So got 2 for the price of 1! Dipped the 2 adults last year so was happy to finally see this juv.

What a fab month July was.

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