Thursday, 2 September 2010

A day pretty much wasted at St Mary's

After having dipped the Greenish Warbler on Tuesday after having seen the Bonaparte's Gull I wasn't to fussed about going again as it was elusive. Therefore I decided to have a day in gaming, I rang Martin to tell him about the views I got of the EO Warbler yesrerday. It cropped up about the Greenish Warbler and Martin said he thought one was due in Durham, thiking nothing more of it I just went about my daily routine.

I got a call later on when I was relaxing and wathing the TV from Mark (County Recorder) he said that a Greenish had been found on The Leas! My reply was something like "your joking?" followed by something like 'I'm on my way!'. Picked up The Finch (Derek Charlton) and young Kieran and went to The Leas and got there in good time whilst obeying the law I might add!

When we arrived it was nice to catch up some local lads and we had some fantastic views of the Greenish in both the scope and bins, nearly unreal views. Scope views where simply fantastic and I got a pretty good chance to study the bird, I think I would know one if I saw one again. It was also calling, a very distinctive call nothing like I've ever heard from Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff. What a day! Greenish is a lifer for me and what a bird to have for a lifer!

(young Kieran looking a bit guilty lol)

(from left: Mara from Jara (Mark-background) Kieran and Me (front))

(Greenish Warbler © - Dougie Holden)

(Greenish Warbler © - Dougie Holden)
Special thanks as always to Dougie and Derek for allowing me to use their photos in my blog posts. Also thanks to Mark who also lets me use his photos.



  1. I got a photo of Dougie getting his award at Birdfair

  2. Hi Andrew well done on the Greenish , i still need that , have now dipped 3 !!! atb Rob