Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lark of the Shore

As usual South Tyneside has turned up some pretty bad birds with Shorelark being the highlight of today. Don’t you just hate that place, what with Greenish Warbler, Firecrest, Yellow-browed Warbler, famous Eastern Crowned Warbler, and now Shorelark!

A few texts from some mates alerted me to the birds presence in Mango’s Car Park. So with my University tutorial (yeah, that’s what they call a lesson) over I headed down and picked up on the bird nearly straight away. I had some good views of the bird an decided to leave it in peace so it could feed around the cars in the car park.

I had a quick look in Trow Quarry itself and was rewarded with Lesser Whitethroat and 2 Goldcrest. A Willow Warbler was present but it’s hardly an Eastern Crowned is it?

Special thanks to Stephen Egglestone for letting me use his photos for my blog. Greatly appreciated as it is to everyone who lets me use their images: Derek, Dougie, Mark, James, and others. Thanks again.

(Shore Lark -  © Stephen Egglestone)

(Shore Lark - © Stephen Egglestone)
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Until next time, Foghorn out! NO, I won’t stop doing on about the Eastern Crowned Warbler! lol

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