Sunday, 26 September 2010

I don’t really care about that Flycatcher

I mean who would travel all that way and take a knackering 3 mile walk to go and look for a bird like that! Well I was going to but sadly the plans didn’t go ahead, not to worry can’t win them all!

However every dark cloud has a sliver lining. This morning was a good seawatch but frustrating when a Pom flew past and a few of us couldn’t get on it. There’ll be others; I wish I could say that about the Alder/Willow flycatcher! This afternoon things looked up when I couldn’t resist a Woodchat Shrike at Hartlepool Headland, cracking views and a lifer! A Snow Bunting around the corner was very interesting especially considering how I found it. mILLYg had turned up and we were walking down this alley by a Childs play park (don’t get any ideas!)

So here we were walking along and the conversation when something like this.
mILLYg: “So where’s this Snow Bunting then?”
(Whilst mILLYg was talking I was thinking: I don’t actually know but think its on the headland – or along those lines)
Foghorn: (not even a second after mILLYg got his question out). “There.” (I point at the bird 7ft in front of us as we flushed a little way)

No kidding! Was really funny so we both burst out laughing. We had cracking views of the Snow Bunting and then I had one last quick look at the Woodhcat Shrike and then off home. Here are my best efforts at photographing the birds:

(Snow Bunting - Hartlepool Headland)

(Woodchat Shrike - cick photo to enlarge)

Until next time, Foghorn out! OH! I didn't want to see that Flycatcher, I will convince myself!

(Woodchat Shrike - Derek Charlton)

(Woodchat Shrike - Derek Charlton)


  1. Pleased you caught up with the shrike and snow bunting, we were wondering if you had been down as we didn't see you when we were there.

  2. go to N. America if you wanna see an empid. More comfortable, probably better views, you can ID it by song and see every other posible yank vagrant while you're there! ;)

    But Snow Bunting's a nicer bird anyway ;)