Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Some are Blockers, no more

At the ennd of January this year I made a post about some of my blocker birds that I just couldn’t seem to see. Here was my post saying what my blockers are/were:

So here is the same list in the same order but with updates:

1) Wood Sandpiper – Thankfully this bird is no longer a bogey of mine and I saw my first at Saltholme RSPB on the 27/04/2010, after this bird I saw many. I guess things happen that way.

2) Sooty Shearwater – A long seawatch on the 02/08/2010 at Whitburn thankfully paid of with brief but distant views of a bird. However after this initial sighing I have seen some more and one exceptionally well right in close.

3) Pomarine Skua – STILL a bogey I am afraid. Missed one that flew past Whitburn Obs, me and nearly everyone else on the Obs just couldn’t get onto it.

4) Common Crossbill – A male at Kielder whilst looking for Goshawk was my first. I saw a few that day but got cracking views of this male perched on top of a pine.

5) Bewick’s Swan – STILL a bogey I am afraid. However with winter knocking on the door could I finally be in with a chance of seeing one of these beauties?

6) Bean Goose – Thankfully on the 19/02/2010 Bean Goose stopped becoming a bogey and became a reality. I can’t remember how many I saw of the top of my head but I got some satisfactory views in the fields around Cresswell Pond of a few birds that had the diagnostic orange legs of Bean Goose. Due to poor weather I was glad that I eventually got views where the ID could be clinched beyond all doubt.

7) Woodcock – Thankfully on the 15/02/2010 I finally flushed a Woodcock whilst helping a friend do his tetrad for the BTO. After this bird a while later I flushed one at Bollihope Quarry and got far better prolonged views.

8) Wood Warbler – I am not going to say where I saw my first because it’s such a rare breeder in Durham but I saw it on 08/05/2010. It was nice to have a male with his beautiful plumage singing his head off right in front of me. I also had one in the first big fall we had in the trees in front of Borough Hall at Hartlepool.

So only two bogey birds remain. I hope I can finally take these of my list by the end of the year.

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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