Sunday, 31 January 2010

Blockers - Do we all have em'?

I am sure some of my followers will have blockers? Birds that you can’t seem to see and add to your life list. I am not all about listing birds but I do keep a list and very much so enjoy listing, as you can tell from my new BUBO listing gadget.

My blockers are common birds! I am going to go through a few of my blockers. You don’t care? Fine! LEAVE! ;)

If you do care please continue to read on:

1) Wood Sandpiper – Despite havening gone to look for this fantastic wader I have still failed to see one. Could it be an addition to my life list this year? We’ll see.

2) Sooty Shearwater – I haven’t done much sea watching and when I have I haven’t seen much to be honest.

3) Pomarine Skua – See above description to why I probably haven’t seen one yet.

4) Common Crossbill – WHAT!? Yes that’s right, I have had Eastern Crowned Warbler but not Common Crossbill. Go figure.

5) Bewick’s Swan – I could tick this bird………….but a holiday to Norfolk/ Suffolk to see one is a bit to pricey at the moment. I never got a chance to go and see the birds in Durham in October. When I thought I saw 2 different birds a few weeks later they turned out to the Bloopers. Then ID’d as Whoopers.

6) Bean Goose – Again, there where some in Durham but I never got a chance to go and see them! I am still sad about that.

7) Woodcock – Again, go figure! I just can’t seem to find a Woodcock despite hoping fences and looking in the appropriate areas with Cut’n a Long story Short.

8) Wood Warbler – Have heard one but never saw it! Grrrrrrr.

They are some of the commoner ones. I hope to tick of 10 or so not mentioned here when I got to Norfolk/Suffolk in May/June with the rest of Stew’s Crew.

Woodcock and Crossbill, I still can’t believe I haven’t seen either yet.


  1. My tick list could be written on the back of a postage stamp, but ironically, I have seen a Woodcock, Bewick Swan, and a Crossbill lol.

  2. I have yet to get Pomarine Skua but have all the rest.;-) I suspect in your case too much time spent chasing rarities! ;-)
    As you know I have yet to tick Jack Snipe. I'm sure Jack can't be that hard to find, but even having the services of a guide recently I was unable to find one.;-) Brian.

  3. You caught up with a merlin yet ?

    Long Nanny and also Newton Point in winter seem to be regular sites for these... but to be honest lots of places on the Northumberland coast are worth checking....

    Nothing wrong with having a few target species, and its a great buzz when you see em !