Sunday, 10 January 2010

RENAME: Andrew Kinghorn - The Teen Birder

I have changed the name of my blog. Fear not, you will get used to the new name soon.

The origins of this name is when a friend from my local club was having a laugh and called me "Foghorn" which is the large chicken called Foghorn Leghorn from Cartoons. It has stuck ever since and I am now called this often so to make my blog more humerous and not so boring I have renamed my blog!

Also!!!! I forgot to mention in the last post I had another self found Med Gull about 5 mins from where I live in my village. I had some fantastic views and it was a year tick. It would have been my best self found bird had I not re found the White Stork that went missing for about a week or so.

Andrew Kinghorn

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