Sunday, 24 January 2010

Goota' love them ducks

Whilst out birding yesterday with Brian (Killy birder) I received a text message of a Ring-necked Duck down in Teesside. I had been looking on BirdGuides the previous night at Ring-necked Duck as there was a bird down in South Yorkshire near Old Moor RSPB on a lake.

So this afternoon very kindly my Dad said to me that he would take me down to see the bird that was at Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park. What a cracker! This was life tick 229 and British tick number 227. The bird showed really well and it was a drake so I was well pleased with that. On the way I had 200c flock of Fieldfare around Rainton Meadows.

The only downside to this weekend was when I got home and signed onto the DBC page I found out that I had missed out on a Bittern that came in at dusk! Darn a year tick down the drain. But you can’t win them all!

Year List stands at: 84



  1. I'm pleased you caught up with your duck.;-) I'm off to write up a report of our expedition. Bit late I know, but I required 24 hours rest and a bottle of oxygen to recover. Cheers Brian

  2. hahah I hope it wasn't to short yesterday Brian. Next time I will make sure we can do what we did twice. ;)