Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mediterranean Mandarin

The title did get you interested. Just admit it!

Another try for the Mandarin Duck today proved successful and I saw it again. A lovely bird and un ringed so yes I am ticking it! Also present was a drake Wigeon and apart from that not much else of note. Gave some of my friends the heads up and one of them (DC – who lets me use his images) came and saw it and this was most likely a year tick for him. I went for a walk this afternoon and was hoping to see Woodcock but still no suck luck! Like Merlin this is becoming a bogey bird for me! Even though I have seen 1 definite Merlin I have never seen a Woodcock to date.

The Mediterranean Gull I discovered on Saturday still remains in the same location and showed really well and was nice to watch whilst I waited for the bus to 6th form college. I don’t have any exams until May so yes I can sit on here and type away whatever I want. A downside is that I need to work very hard throughout the year on Coursework hence why I don’t post so much!

Rant over.


  1. I, I , say there boy,
    you did catch my attention.
    One of my favourites also just behind Tom and Jerry i reckon.

  2. haha. Everyone loves Foghorn Leghorn he is definatly the best cartoon character off all time.
    Thanks for commenting John hope you enjoy my blog :)

  3. I must lead too sheltered a life as I don't know who/what this Foghorn Leghorn is! :-)
    A woodcock will come to those who wait, :-)
    Cheers Brian