Saturday, 30 January 2010

Teesside + Life Tick

Areet folks? Havn’t had much time to post this week due to the mountains of work that I have on at the moment. Saturday is my day off so I thought I would update my blog.

First of all I think it might be a good idea to leave my mountain of work as I am sure a pair of Golden Eagle will eventually start circling it, or even better a White-tailed eagle? Secondly I got a life tick during the week! I went to Silksworth Lake in Sunderland to see the Black-necked Grebe that is present there. It was no kidding about 5-6 ft of it! What a showy bird. This was life tick number 230, making it British tick 228. This bird has been very controversial and I have voiced my opinions on Nerdforum (I might leave soon)

So we arrive at today (30th) and the second of last day in January! Me, DC, SA, and AR headed down south to Teesside for some birding. We decided not to go for the Black-necked Grebe again at Silksworth and instead just head to Teesside. Hopes where raised when the Bonaparte’s Gull was last seen flying over to Seaton Snook in County Durham. However there was no sign today at all and we even looked. Me and DC spent a while scanning the gulls on the beach near Seaton Carew but there was no sign at all of anything rare apart from 2 Mediterranean Gull. No Glaucous or Iceland Gull! Damn.

We had some good birds and loads of year ticks: Rock Pipit, Shelduck, Gadwall, Black Redstart, Twite, etc. I got about 11-12 in total. I can’t really remember to be honest. Black Redstart?!?! It was more than just a year tick as it was a life tick as well. Number 231 at that, British 229. We headed onto Greatham Creek to see what was about. We walked to the seal sands hide in Teesside and when I got near the end I saw a small grebe and DC (who was watching it) turned around and looked at me and said “Black-necked Grebe!”. I got my scope on it and it showed really well! What a fantastic little bird .

A good day all around and we bumped into Scuzz and JB and had a good bit crack. So all in all a good day, I am just looking forward to my next outing.

(Black-necked Grebe, Greatham Creek - Derek Charlton)

(Twite, Greatham Creek - Derek Charlton)

(Black Redstart, Newburn Bridge - LIFE TICK! - Derek Chalrton)

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