Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Wanderer Returns

So I return and I have had a busy few weeks with work and trying to get back into the swing of things. I have been back from Orkney about nearly bang on a week as I got back from Orkney a week ago late evening.

I have had some fantastic birds since the 18th of December. I was on the way to get the bus into 6th from college when near the end of my estate I saw a large bird soaring above me. It took me just a few seconds then panic…..I have re found the White Stork!!!! It circled over the park after flying over my estate then away heading S, SE. This was probably an escapee but I am going to count it anyway! But then again it might well be a wild bird there is no real way to know when you actually think about it.

Then I went away to Orkney and had a fantastic time with LOADS of Hen Harriers including a bird on New Years day and this was therefore a year tick! I had at least one nearly every day! The Hen Harrier roost I went to on two occasions was fantastic and the last day I had 2 and a few days before 4-5 birds!

On Friday I had a Mandarin Duck at Chester-le-street and this was a life tick for me as well.

Happy New Year everyone!
Andrew K

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