Monday, 13 December 2010

I presume you've all heard..........

about a certain music track, that is of the avian variety. No?

You haven't heard that bird is the word!!!!!

It's a race to Christmas number 1, for a long time now the X-Factor have tried to get the Christmas No1 single every year, however last year Rage Against the Machine got to Christmas No1 and this was because of a group started on Facebook, they encouraged people to buy the track so that Rage Against the Machine would get to Christmas No1. Hopefuly this year Surfin' Bird will get to Christmas No1!


Here's what the humorous track sounds like, enjoy:

This is not me saying I don't like the X-Factor or Matt because I do and I watch the show every year, however this song just simply has to get to number 1, mainly because its funny and its bird related! Plus it was on the end of the Twitchers a Very British Obsession documentary.

Click below to be taken to a page where you can go and see a list of where to song can be bought from, then read whats the "Buying Links" poster>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hope you buy the track!

Latest Updates - 14th December 2010
RSPB Now Supporting the Campaign to get Surfin' Bird to Christmas No1!
See here:


  1. Sounds like that Wagner chap. You can't keep a good man down! :-) Brian

  2. Personally I absolutely hate the X factor.... I think it’s utter drivel, a couple of self important pricks judging people who are just desperate to be famous. Is this what life is really about, what the hells gone wrong with the world ?

    Sold !!....I'll be buying the bird !

    You might like this link....

  3. As Stringer (RIP) points out the Family Guy episode is wet yourself funny