Sunday, 19 December 2010

More Redpolls - Mealy's & Arctic(?)

Don't get to excited my the blog title but it is sounding increasingly possible that an Arctic Redpoll could be in with the large flock of Mealy and Lesser Redpoll's at Rainton Meadows. I was out with a good friend of mine from north of the Tyne on Saturday morning/early afternoon. It was superb with at least 19 Mealy Redpolls, more than often outnumbering Lesser Redpoll's hands down! One bird was particularly pale and it was on deck underneath the trees but sadly it went down as a Mealy as views weren't good enough to claim Arctic.

(Click on any of the following images to enlarge)

Here are some excellent photos my my mate taken on Saturday:

Now here are some particularly pale Mealy Redpolls taken on Saturday:

Some very interesting looking birds, I just hope we can find at Arctic among them within the week. Watch this space!

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. Hi Andrew - can you drop me an email privately regarding this bird please:

    My email address is blgp_birder (at)

    Josh Jones