Saturday, 28 April 2012

1 dip 2 British Ticks

Been busy at University all week and not had a chance to update much. On Thursday gone I had the Black Tern at Crookfoot Reservoir in Durham. A nice stunning summer plumaged bird which showed well, always a pleasure to see. Friday was quiet until news of a Bufflehead broke in Lincolnshire, seemed like the real deal so I was up early and on my way this morning. For those who are aware it was not there today at all. Hoping it would be re-found later on in the day I headed down to Frampton Marsh RSPB in Lincolnshire. I visited here last year where I saw my first Red-necked Phalarope (what a tart) and I did like the reserve; always feels like something extremely rare could turn up at any minute. The drive down to the reserve produced my first Swifts of the year and my target bird was easy to pick out and then enjoy; Black-winged Stilt. I had missed three of these stunning birds 2 days ago when I left Norfolk from a birding trip and they turned up at Titchwell RSPB. The bird showed really well and a pleasure to watch; bigger than I was expecting and this bird was easily flushed by anything. The bird was much closer most of the time and in better lighting and weather conditions, just not when I had my phone with me to take the video! :

(Black-winged Stilt - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Sitting waiting for the rain to ease off when news of a Red-rumped Swallow came through! Far Ings in Lincolnshire; next to the Humber Bridge so en-route home. A dash up there and I was quickly watching my first British Red-rumped Swallow. I had seen them well in Israel last year but was pleasure to see one in the UK, I missed a bird in Durham 2 years ago so I was more than keen to see one. A great twitch as I was not expecting to see a Red-rumped Swallow anytime soon. Surprise twitching is the best kind of twitching. Special thanks to Mandy West for allowing me to use her images of the Red-rumped Swallow from today.

 (Red-rumped Swallow - © Mandy West)

 (Red-rumped Swallow - © Mandy West)

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. One of our target birds - Black Winged Stilt. Lucky to get the swallow.

  2. A fantastic day's birding Andrew and a great read - two nice mediterranean species there. Would love to see Red-rumped Swallow in the UK; one of my most wanted scarce species.

    3 Black-winged Stilts at Titchwell 2 days ago? Were they supressed ;)? Maybe you mean 5 Black-winged Stilts at Titchwell 2 years ago :P . Fab video of the Stilt mate, do you use your DSLR to record your videos?

    Best wishes,