Monday, 2 April 2012

Fresh in from the tropics of West Yorkshire

A quick dash up to Lamesley Water Meadows this afternoon; at first it looked like I had missed the White Stork. But I went down to the hide just to make sure, however it became obvious on the way toward the hide the bird was still present in the closest field. It was standing in a pool of water, however it then walked out into the field and showed its ‘jewellery’, can’t say I was surprised. Still a superb bird to see and I enjoyed watching it for 30 mins or so before going home to get some grub. 

You can see on the video clearly the metal ring on the birds left leg, the ring is just above the foot. These birds are from Harewood House in West Yorkshire (unless someone can inform me otherwise) and are part of a free flying group or birds. 

(White Stork - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Best viewed in HD and full screen on YouTube if you want to see the ring:
(White Stork  - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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