Monday, 30 April 2012

Just in...

News broke early afternoon of a Red-rumped Swallow at Bowesfield Marsh NR, the reserve falls within the historical recording area of Cleveland and just say sits North of the Durham border. If the bird had flown some 500 yards it would be out of county. Thankfully it didn't; on arrival it was sitting on a semi distant bridge but I had brilliant views though the scope. It then took flight and had some time to enjoy the bird in flight, it then decided it would fly over the heads of the crowd and up the path before coming around and landing on a bridge; at which point it did show amazingly!

(Red-rumped Swallow - © Andrew Kinghorn)

 (Red-rumped Swallow - © Andrew Kinghorn)

(Red-rumped Swallow - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Superb bird and a great county tick after missing the Far Pasture NR bird a few years ago, thought I was going to have to wait years for the next. So a nice surprise.

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. Nice one Andrew. Lifer and county tick in a few days - makes up for that Far Pasture one a few years back mate;-)

    Steve (Quacker)